China's largest state English-language newspaper "China Daily" urged to stop using wooden chopsticks and eat with your hands. The editorial argues that the Chinese love to disposable chopsticks results barbaric destruction of forests in the country. According to statistics, China's annual population uses 45 billion pairs of chopsticks, the production of which leaves 1.66 million cubic meters of timber. In other words — to provide the country with these simple cutlery, manufacturers have cut down every year 25 million adult trees.

to conserve forests, journalists are invited to "return to the traditional way of eating," according to "Echo of the Planet." "Ask the people of India, Pakistan and Arab countries — all of them will tell you that no spoon or fork or sticks can not be compared for ease of use with simple human five fingers".

However, the problem of preservation of forests in the country have attended to long ago. Last month, Chinese management Standardization (SAC), the tracking of compliance with various national standards, issued standards for disposable chopsticks. Provisions mainly relate to materials of construction for the sticks. From now on, in order to preserve the surrounding forests, national cutlery — Chinese sticks are prohibited from making a rare wood. Do not fall under the ban of birch, poplar and other widespread species, including the fast-growing bamboo.

China. Of Asian recipes still have an interesting variant of sea shells, fried with garlic.

Chinese black fungusChinese black mushroom tree
what to do with it…
Суп с курицей и лапшойChinese soup
with chicken, tomatoes and noodles

Chinese cooking is phenomenal — amazing, incredible and almost always very tasty. The skill of Chinese chefs really shocking.

It is only natural that tell anything about the Chinese shamanism — not real Chinese food… amazing and incredibly diverse arts… Watch cooks theirs — a fantastic show. And in this column will try to make at least a brief review of Chinese masterpieces and little-little secret recipe clarified.

Under sublimate exotic, something that is about cooking fuchzhu (popularly known under the name «soy asparagus») and black fungus Chinese tree… And here…