Sour-sweet pork tenderloin

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To prepare this dish you need: pork, pitted and not fat — it is better sirloin, salt, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine, egg — just protein, vegetable oil, leeks, ginger and garlic. Good garlic ginger paste and why do we have it is hard to buy — is unclear… is stored for a long time and very convenient substance.

Unfortunately, the picture is not very sweet and sour pork tenderloin, but the basic technology is very similar. A picture yourself on there, but at the moment — there are several thousand kilometers away, and do not have easy access. Probably coming soon.

Technology of preparation of such meat

The meat is cut into small pieces with standard, then that truncated rags better for something else to attach the thread. In a deep bowl mix well the egg white and starch, to a uniform mass of crumbs. In the resulting paste evenly roll the pieces of meat.

In another bowl mix the onion, leek, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, cooking wine, salt, sugar, vinegar and starch solution. Good warm up oil. This is one of the most important moments!

You should be very intuitive and carefully control the temperature! If the oil is very hot — meat prigorit outside, but inside remains moist. If oil is not warmed up, the bread part exfoliates from pieces of meat. Fry in deep fat until golden brown.

Merge the oil — you can use drushlaka. This oil can be useful now only for the following culinary experiments. Oil from deep-frying can be cool, filtered to create visibility… and before the next use ignited a bit.

Again, warm up the pan with a very small Number of fresh oil. Add all remaining ingredients and stir constantly — bring to a boil. In the resulting sauce is parked our slices of roast pork and warming up — all the stir. There.

By the way, the fish in the picture above, was prepared about the same technology, but without starch, breading and some of their supplements… that is, first roasted, and then warmed in the sauce slightly. Familiarity with such culinary masterpieces, of course, desirable in the homeland of origin — China. Of Asian recipes still have an interesting variant of sea shells, fried with garlic.

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Chinese cooking is phenomenal — amazing, incredible and almost always very tasty. The skill of Chinese chefs really shocking.

It is only natural that tell anything about the Chinese shamanism — not real Chinese food… amazing and incredibly diverse arts… Watch cooks theirs — a fantastic show. And in this column will try to make at least a brief review of Chinese masterpieces and little-little secret recipe clarified.

Under sublimate exotic, something that is about cooking fuchzhu (popularly known under the name «soy asparagus») and black fungus Chinese tree… And here…