Philosophy of alcohol

Alcohol in a philosophical perspective

Do not put you fool intoxicating food,
To protect themselves from feelings of disgust:
After drinking, he cries to sleep you will not,
In the morning, tired of asking for forgiveness.

Indisputable right people marked the epigraph that… really ugly side of this topic. And here let's try to build something soul-philosophical. At this stage — it's reviews of alcoholic beverages in private. That they have tried, as some costs and is it worth it to try…

By the way, very interesting… An ardent advocate of sobriety, to walk a couple of hours without water in the desert by day, refuses to cool beer as a gift in the picture above? In the course of reality — the unique and urgent response to exactly know. Very doubtful public standard Ponte, especially if alternatives to other beverages will not be. And if not two hours without a life-saving drink, but four?

«Something evil lurks in men who avoid wine, games, society, charming women, table talk. These people are sick or gravely, or secretly hate others…» It is a powerful and vital observation of Mikhail Bulgakov.

European Heart Journal — the official print publication of the European Society of Cardiology. And in the January issue of his magazine published the following conclusion. "Alcohol is almost as effective in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, as well as sports, scientists say. This is evidenced by the results of studies of the international association. "Let us leave such judgments to the conscience of the bohemian and move on to the regional reviews and tasting.