Beer Heineken

Beer Heineken

Heineken — the most popular export beer brand. Heineken Netherlands Brewing Company, the largest in the country. The headquarters of the monopoly is in Amsterdam.

It is quite normal beer spills in different parts of the world, especially when fresh and not peremorozhennoe. In Russian pronounced Heineken or Heineken. From the point of view the most accurate sound transmission Russian names and under the Netherlands-Russian practical transcription, faithful version relies recognize Heineken. Heineken form was apparently borrowed by English, Dutch diphthong transferring its national flavor.

In Europe, the best-selling beer brands are Heineken and just Amstel, owned concern Heineken Holding. Heineken also owns such brands as Edelweiss, Zipfer, Paulaner, Gosser, and similar items.

The company was founded in 1863 in Amsterdam, Gerard Adriaan Heynekenom. At the moment, the main shareholder is Heineken Holding NV (50,005%), in which Heineken family through the company L'Arche Holding SA owns 50.005%. Market capitalization on August 7, 2006 — about 17.7 billion euros. Company President — Jean-Francois van Boksmeer.

To date, Heineken owns approximately 150 breweries in more than seventy countries around the world. In addition to world-famous brands Heineken and Amstel , the company produces about two hundred international and local beers, including Birra Moretti, Cruzcampo, Tiger, Żywiec, Murphy's, Star and more… Total number of staff — more than sixty thousand people. With an annual beer production of 120-million hectoliters, Heineken is the world's third brewer after Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller. Net income in 2008 amounted to 209 million euros (down by 74% compared with the previous year), while revenues reached 14.319 billion euros (an increase of 27%).

According to the company from June 2007, Heineken NV acquires Czech Krusovice Brewery in German Radeberger Gruppe. The transaction will be financed from funds of the company, its amount was not disclosed. Through this acquisition Heineken expects to increase its market share in the Czech beer market to 8% (1.6 million hectoliters). The deal must be approved by regulators and completion is scheduled for September 1, 2007

In January 2010, Heineken acquired FEMSA — the largest brewing company in Mexico. The transaction was effected through an exchange of shares. Heineken has received 100% of FEMSA, a Mexican company shareholders get in return a 20% stake in the second Heineken. The transaction value is estimated at 5.3 billion euros (7.7 billion dollars).

The Heineken Experience — a former brewery in Amsterdam, in 1988, was converted into a museum and exhibition center. In the 1950s, Alfred Heineken beer was poured into bottles. Prior to this beer Heineken supplied only on tap. Alfred made a small Dutch revolution, moving almost the entire volume of sales on bottled beer. And, of course, precisely when it has developed the design is now a cult beers Heineken: Heineken Alfred Henry himself came up with design green bottle with a red star on the label.

Heineken in the Czech Republic In 2007, the company Heineken took 3rd place (14%) by volume of beer production in the Czech Republic with trademarks Starobrno, Hostan, Krušovice, Zlatopramen, Březňák, Louny, Dačický, Lorec, Jarošov and Pivrnec. Total production reached 3 million hectoliters per year. For export has been sent more than a third produced.

Heineken Russia and brewery Stepan Razin. Netherlands company operates in the Russian Federation as a company "United Breweries Heineken" and owns eight breweries Russia, "Patra" (Ekaterinburg), "Heineken Brewery" (St. Petersburg), "Siberian Heineken Brewery" (Novosibirsk), "Sheehan" (Sterlitamak), "Volga" (Nizhny Novgorod), "Baikal" (Irkutsk), "Amur-beer" (Khabarovsk), a brewery of "PIT" (Kaliningrad).

Stamps issued by Russian companies — «Heineken», «Amstel», «Edelweiss», «Guinness Original», «Gosser», «Buckler», «Zlaty Bazant», «Konigsberg», «Bochkarev," "Pete", "Hunting "," Stepan Razin "," Three Bears "," Doctor Diesel "," Sheehan "," Gray Ural "," Okskoye "," Zhigulevskoe Heineken "," Patra "," Archer "," Ostmark "

In November 2006, started production of the new beer «Bud» under license from the U.S. Anheuser-Busch. On the Kaliningrad plant commissioned by Kirin is the eponymous brand. The contract expired at the end of 2008.

Heineken is the exclusive distributor of premium brands Guinness Draught and Kilkenny, which are sold in pubs all over Russia. In 2006, Russian brewer Heineken produced 13.7 million hectoliters of beer. In 2006, the market share of Heineken in Russia was 16.2%. In 2007, — 12.8% in value.

In 2008, according to "SPARK-Interfax," brain gain OOO "United Heineken Brewery" — 16.9 billion rubles., A net loss of — 2.3 billion rubles. The company controls 15.8% of the beer market.

Heineken in Belarus at the end of 2007 the company Heineken entered the Belarusian market by acquiring a controlling stake in brewer Bobruisk «Syabar», which took in 2007, the second-largest by volume of beer production. During 2008, the company carries out reconstruction of the plant, which will increase production from 1.2 to 2 million hectoliters in 2009 During 2008, Heineken plans to begin production on the Bobruisk plant licensed varieties, among which will be both Russian and in the future and European brands. The acquisition in May 2008 of a controlling stake, "Rechitsapivo" Heineken has allowed to increase its market share to 24%. In Shanghai (China) of almost a thousand bottles of beer Heineken — have a real Christmas tree. Package color of this beer went perfectly — tree was totally green. The peculiarity of this tree is that all the bottles were full. About alcohol at different angles can be much more to mention.